Our Broker services

So who are and where do we fit in?

Good question

We are here to help you make the right choice, not just about the package to select, but also about whether or not you should use Invoice Finance at all.

Our advisors have 20+ years experience advising companies with growing pains and have pretty much seen everything there is to see (although we still get surprises every now and then). They understand the pressures on your business, not just the financial ones.

Most importantly they are able to offer advice on growing your business that is not factoring related.

So why use us

Your business is growing, and that’s our world, helping growing businesses. Invoice Finance is a good facility for the growing business, but in order to get the most from us, there will be other things you will want to look at, to help you grow. We have built up a strong portfolio of trusted service suppliers over the years that have a track of helping businesses grow.

If there are problems in your new relationship with your factoring provider, then we have a free of charge mentoring service in order to iron out any issues.